*NEW* Darius Gameplay, First Look, Reaction and Review: #FRAG Pro Shooter

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Darius is here the Brand NEW Character from Frag Pro Shooter and today we are going to be showing you some Gameplay on the NEW character his back story all while giving you our honest reaction and review for the New Soccer playing character. So come check it out with us as we look at Darius and UPdate 1.8.1 Also When and How to get Darius

Darius Stats:
A natural-born striker, Darius won the Kick Stars tournament 3 times in a row, but unfortunately, his career was brought to a halt after the tragic disappearance of his husband. As he was watching the FRAG Pro Shooter Tournament one evening, Darius was shocked to spot a very familiar figure on TV... Determined to find his beloved, Darius enters the Arena with the confidence that once made him the best player in the galaxy.

STATS (level 9)

Type → Infantry
Strong against → Building
Hitpoints → 425
Damage/Second → 82-115
Speed → 11.6 km/h
Speed while shooting → 7.8 km/h
Respawn Delay → 22 s

Soccer Launcher
Throw soccer balls at your opponents to convince them that nothing is better than soccer!

Ammo → 10
Reload Time → 1.6 s
Fire Rate → 110
Weapon Range → 45 m
Radius → 2.5 m
Base Damage → 75.0

MVP Flash Tackle
Perform your best striker move, pushing, dealing damage, and applying a respawn time debuff to any opponents in its range.

Ability Cooldown → 9 s
Duration → 1.1 s
Range → 12
Base Damage → 160.8
Respawn Time Debuff → 5 s

FRAG Power 1 → All damage dealt increased by 20%.
FRAG Power 2 → Respawn time debuff increased by 3 s.
"Play with Darius" dates:
Friday, Apr 23 → Sunday, Apr 25 (included)
Friday, May 07 → Sunday, May 09 (included)

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