Sludge Life Review - Strangest Game You'll Ever Play...

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I review Sludge Life. Free now on the Epic Games Store!

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Aight boys, brand new & and currently free on the Epic Game store we have sludge Life. It's a first-person, open-world adventure game with puzzle-like elements.

From the moment that Sludge Life starts, It doesn't begin to explain itself with a drawn-out cinematic story or explanation of the world around you as you see in most games. It doesn't hold your hand and
tell you who you are, where you are, why you're playing, and what needs to happen next. The Objectives just aren't clear at first.

That's all left for you to figure out and discover as you awake on this sludge-filled island in a shipping crate. And that my friends, is the beauty of this game.

At first, I thought this game was only about finding places to tag & graffiti and was getting a little bored since I found myself with no direction. What kept me going was the trippy art style, vibe, and funny dialogue between the characters I'd interact with. But, The more I learned about the island and its people, the more I was invested in finding out where this was all going and soon realized there was a puzzle element to the game outside of just finding graffiti spots. I'm soo glad I kept playing and finished the game all the way through. Otherwise, I would have missed out on a pretty fun little adventure here.

Now, I'm not going to touch on the actual plot in order not to ruin anything for you, but
If you're familiar with point and click puzzle games like Grim Fandango, this is right around that same alley, minus the point and click part.
You explore & primarily engage in dialogue with other characters and then through conversation you gain hints of what needs to be done to solve puzzles or to progress
the plot.

There's Item & secrets to discover all throughout the island, as well as some very unique characters you'll be interacting with. No seriously, Very Unique characters. And while there is no voice acting,
the writing that went into all these characters
is pretty damn entertaining to follow.

And speaking of unique, you can't ignore the art style of Sludge Life. It almost dreams like...Actually, now that I think about it, This is exactly how I'd picture a creepypasta game to look like.
It's pretty out there, and I'm all for it. It just gives the Island loads of charm and a chill overall aesthetic vibe that really makes it stand out.

When you're not chatting it up with strange locals, you'll be searching every square inch of the island for clues or items, as well as the 100 tag locations to graffiti over.
Kinda like finding the 100 hidden packages in GTA,
These tag locations are spread across the whole island. Some spots are easy to find, while others take a little more brainpower to figure out how to reach. I found it really satisfying
when I finally figured out exactly how to reach a specific height for some of the more difficult spots that seemed impossible at first glance.
And trust me, you'll want to get all 100 Tag locations, as there are some alternate endings to this trippy game.

Oh, and did I mention the shrooms? Or rather, zooms. There are mushrooms that you'll find in designated areas that'll send you on a sky-high trip for a while before you crash back down to reality.
I thought this was a pretty cool addition, as it gave me an opportunity to explore the island a little easier and get a sneak peek at things I wasn't able to reach quite yet. So feel free to explore.

And while The sheer size of sludge life's Island
isn't really all that big of a sandbox map by today's standards, it's crammed with so many personality and interesting things to find that you'll most likely be to busy to even notice.

And while you're exploring, feel free to vibe by one of the numerous stereo systems you'll find tossed around the island. They're everywhere.
The music in this game is soo different from what I typically listen to, but I really enjoyed it nonetheless. Soo much so in fact, that I went to the games website to look up the soundtrack and artist, which you should totally
check out after this video. Doseone is the artist behind it all for anyone who was unaware like me. Just fantastic stuff.

So, if you're down for an adventure game with some puzzles to figure out as well as a fantastic soundtrack mixed in with some trippy visuals, I'd definitely recommend you check out Sludge Life. I don't regret my time with it at all.
It's free now on the Epic Game Store so treat yourself
to this unique gem.

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