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Welcome back to The Game Collection. I am SuperDerek, and after years of hearing about the Trails series, I finally decided to dive in. I’d heard a lot of things from a lot of people, but never expected that when I played Trails in the Sky, that I might just find a worthy spiritual successor to Grandia. I am SuperDerek, and this is Legend of Heroes, Trails in the Sky FC!
Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky FC, (or First Chapter,) is the first entry in the Trails in the Sky series, which is the first set of games in the larger overarching “Trails” or “Kiseki” series. This series is in itself subset of games in the Legend of Heroes series, a series of games dating back to the 80’s when Nihon Falcom released Dragon Slayer on the PC 8801. I mean, we’re talking about the really old magic here. But despite the overarching series’ of series’ deep roots, Trails in the Sky is a perfect starting point for anyone looking to get into the series. And with the waves the series is making in the more recent Trails of Cold Steel series, I’m betting there are plenty of people who looking for this exact entry point.
Trails in the Sky FC was released originally on PC in 2004. The game later was ported by Falcom over the Sony PSP in 2006. However, in the West we wouldn’t get the game until it’s Western debut in late 2011. The game sold poorly overall so copies can be hard to find. But in Summer of 2014 XSEED published a PC release in the West where the series slowly and gradually started gaining a cult following. Huge emphasis on the “cult” part. And after my playthrough, I may have just become their newest convert. So enough with the history lesson and the hype, what exactly is this thing all about anyway?
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